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Tips on Finding the Right Gold Coast Tattoo Artists

Finding the right Gold Coast tattoo artists need the following considerations from your end:

  • The distance you’re willing to travel
  • The placement of the tattoo
  • The style of the tattoo
  • The amount you’re prepared to pay

Only after you’ve thought long and hard about the above considerations should you start your search for the right Gold Coast tattoo artists. There are multiple options to think about tattoo artists to make you 100% confident in your choice.


The style of the tattoo

There’s an endless list of tattoo styles available today. Tattoos have become the popular statement of many people and some of the styles include:

  • Realism
  • Fine line
  • Traditional
  • Blackwork
  • Neo-traditional
  • And a lot more

Knowing your particular style determines the choice of tattoo style and artist. For instance, a walk-in tattoo shop is the best choice if you want a tattoo design picked from a book.

It’s the uniquely-designed tattoos that need some research work. Trusting the style of the tattoo artist is what you need to have when opting for customised tats.


Doing some research is always best

It has been seen that the only social media dedicated to tattoos is Instagram. Instagram has become the social platform tattoo artists use to highlight their work or show their portfolios.

It’s fairly obvious then, to use Instagram when you want to get the tattoo artist that is in line with your style. Google is also another good tool to use in your search. Take time to read online reviews of past customers to know the work of the artist.


Contact the artist

Contact the artist once you’ve found the one suited for your style. Email is the preferred type of communication of various tattoo artists. An artist that has his/her website is always a great option. This way you get to take a peek at their work as well as know their preferred way of communication.

It’s best not to confine your choice to one artist. “The more, the merrier”, they say, and this applies to tattoo artists’ selection as well. It’s recommended that asking their price at the outset is off-putting for many tattoo artists.

Arranging for a face-to-face visit is also a good way to know more about the artist. However, don’t get disappointed or frustrated if the selected artist may not get in touch right away. Understand that top tattoo artist also has a waiting list of customers.


Ask referrals from family and friends

Tattooed family members and friends are the best people to recommend a tattoo artist. This is especially helpful if you admire the handiwork of the tattoo. The good experience of these people will help you anticipate the way a recommended artist works. This saves you time, money, and effort in trying to get the best tattoo artist.


Think long and hard

A rushed decision is also a rash one. A tattoo is a joy or a disaster forever. While lasers help to erase bad tattoos, getting it right the first time and every time is always best.

Tattoos used to be taboo. Not anymore, with more and more people proudly displaying their tats for all to see. It’s why getting a great-looking tattoo is always the dream. Find the right tattoo artist who can properly and safely execute the design that you want.

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