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Do Bariatric Patients Need To Use Bariatric Medical Beds At Home?

Standard beds and mattresses including those used in hospitals have a maximum weight amount that they can support.  Mostly full-sized beds and mattresses can only support 250 pounds and not more than this.  While that weight might be enough for a good number of people, it is not enough for everyone, especially because there are people who have excess weight.  Unfortunately, if these people with excess weight have to sleep with their partners, the partners might feel unsafe and uncomfortable if they are using the standard beds.  This is because using standard beds risks the bed from structural damage and physical problems to the people using the bed.  For this reason, in case you have excess weight, it is always important to know that you must invest in a bariatric medical bed and not conventional beds.

What Are Bariatric Medical Beds And Can They Be Used At Home?

Bariatric medical beds are special beds that are specially designed to be comfortable, adjustable, and work well with any accessories used with standard beds as they safely support patients who have excess weight or bariatric problems.  Some of the accessories that bariatric medical beds have include trapeze bars, side rails and reinforced bedside commodes. Although most people think that bariatric medical beds can only be used in hospitals, patients with bariatric problems can also invest in these types of beds and use them at their homes.

Why Bariatric Patients Should Invest In Bariatric Medical Beds for Home Use

Bariatric medical beds are very different from standard beds and can make life significantly better for people with bariatric issues.  in case you are a bariatric patient and you’re wondering whether you should invest in a bariatric medical bed for home use the following are some of the reasons why this investment is worthwhile;

  • Bariatric medical beds can support your weight comfortably

Regular beds or hospital beds cannot adequately support the weight of bariatric patients even if they are not sleeping with their partners.  A bariatric bed is specially designed to support the excess weight of bariatric patients.  Depending on the model of the bariatric medical beds you purchase these beds can support more than 700 pounds.  These bariatric patients can comfortably lie on the bed with their partners without worrying that the beds might get any damages since they can accommodate more weight unlike other beds.

  • Bariatric beds enhance independence

Apart from being comfortable, bariatric medical beds also enhance independence for the patients using them.  This is because they are designed to help people with excess weight especially if they are having any mobility problems making them depend on others.  These beds have supports, gears and servos allowing the bariatric patients to adjust the bed in a way that they can get in and out of the bed without getting in any trouble.  With the additional features they come with such as handrails, mobility aids, bed lifts among others; bariatric medical beds make daily tasks easier thereby enhancing independence.

  • It makes home medical care easier

When you do not have the right beds, it can be challenging for patients to get the medical attention that they need while at home.  While your bariatric patients are using normal hospital beds, it can be difficult for them to receive the treatment that requires certain procedures. Also due to lack of the right beds it can be difficult to provide medical care safely to these patients. When you have bariatric medical beds at home, it is easy to take care of the bariatric patients and offer them the treatment they require.





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