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Why Opt for a Salon Management Course?

Is opening a salon business your ultimate dream? Or if you are already a salon owner, is levelling it to new heights your ultimate goal? If you answer yes to both questions, a Salon Management Course offers the right path to achieve a next-level career in the beauty industry.


Why a Salon Management Course?


The smartest way to unlock the earning potential of a beauty salon is to know the advantages it brings. Opting to enrol in a Salon Management Course brings benefits including:

  • Learn salon growth strategies. Offerings coming from your salon need development strategies. Planning strategic developments provide the best way to expand the potential offerings of the salon. Staying ahead of the competition and the increased revenue are just rewards for the hard work learned, trained, and experienced in a Salon Management Course.


  • Hone business skills. Salon owners need to hone business skills to enable them to get ahead of the game. Enrolling in a Salon Management Course teaches you essential financial, marketing, and management skills customised for future salon owners.


  • Learn client management skills. Customer service and retaining the loyalty of your clients is a specialised skill taught by the course. Mastering this particular skill opens the way for your salon to build a loyal client following.



What is Included in the Salon Management Curriculum?


A wide variety of topics related to salon management offered by the course include:

  • Customer Service enhancement
  • Salon Operations Management
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Staff training and management
  • Financial management


The learning outcomes from the course include:

  • Safe work practice applications
  • Management of staff performance including hiring, training, and dismissals
  • Promotion activities and action marketing
  • Product ordering and complete stocktaking
  • Develop stronger stakeholder relationships


The Course outcomes include:

  • Provide a strong further study pathway as a way to boost your career opportunities
  • Instil confidence in handling human resource functions like process review, induction, and recruitment
  • Teach you the proper skills and training to start and manage your own salon business
  • Provide advertising experience as a way to learn how to market the services offered by your salon business
  • Teach you to achieve excellent customer service
  • Provide you with the necessary skills to help you maintain an accurate record of stock levels


Course progression

  • Live “pop-up” salons provided by the course allow every student the chance to apply the skills taught and learned.
  • Provide Guidance and Career Services to help students prepare their CV
  • Additions such as ITEC qualifications are opportunities provided by the course to students. The range of learning areas covered by the ITEC qualifications includes Body Treatments, Skincare, Waxing, and Microdermabrasion.


What are the Qualifications to be Prepared for the Course?


The qualifications you need to prepare for this course include:

  • Capability and access to standard office equipment such as a reliable internet connection, a PC, online meeting applications, and Microsoft Office software.
  • Multi-tasking ability combined with strong organisational skills
  • Love working with people
  • Know the right skills for building rapport with both staff and clients
  • Basic computer skills


Career Opportunities provided by the Course:


A range of areas when pursuing a beauty career provided by the course include:

  • Brand Managers
  • Beauty salon owner or manager
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Hair salon owner or manager
  • Spa resort owner or manager



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