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Tips For Purchasing an Emergency Trolley

If you are part of the medical emergency staff and have to purchase an emergency trolley, there are certain things you have to take into consideration. First, a patient trolley required for emergencies is both a stretcher and a trolley to transport the patient comfortably and safely. These kinds of trolleys are used in both hospitals and institutions for traumas that occur to people. With an emergency trolley, an injured person can be transferred easily, not causing them any further injury. Ambulances also use trolleys when emergencies occur to get patients to various medical facilities if they are not mobile and cannot do so themselves.


Choosing a patient trolley for emergencies


The kind of trolley one chooses to purchase entirely depends on how the emergency patient trolley will be used and the ease of functionality necessary.


Patient trolleys for emergencies are lightweight and easily managed. They are not very cumbersome and built to be loaded and unloaded from ambulances quickly. These trolleys are required so that patients can be safely placed into an ambulance and then taken from the ambulance into the hospital with no further injury to them.


When transporting trauma patients is necessary, a patient trolley designed explicitly for traumas is required. These types of trolleys are built to ensure that patients are comfortable during transport and spared any additional pain or trauma as much as possible.


Mortuary trolleys are built explicitly for use in morgues to transfer bodies.


Special trolleys are made for the tiniest patients, specifically emergency trolleys designed for infants. These are intended for care in neonatal units and are used to transport incubators.


All of these different types of trolleys have been designed for their specific use and purpose. Therefore if you are in charge of purchasing an emergency trolley, be sure you know precisely the required type and for what purpose it is intended to be used.


Specific features of emergency patient trollies

There are different types of emergency trolleys depending on the feature that specializes its purpose.

One feature of a patient trolley for emergency transport is height adjustment. This is required so the person transporting the injured patient can adjust the height of the trolley according to the situation. Height adjustment of the trolley is designed so that the patient sustains no further injury.


There should be an adjustable backrest so that the transported patient can be in a sitting or a semi-sitting position. If required, the emergency patient trolley should also have the option of a reclining position if the patient is not able to sit up. The reclining feature should put the patient in a position so that their back is properly supported while reclining.


Emergency trolleys can be found with an option for self-loading. In this case, the stretcher trolley separates, making it easy to place into an ambulance by just pushing a button.

Weight capacity should be considered, letting the caregiver and transporter know the total weight load the trolley can hold.


Emergency patient trolleys are made so that they are easy to keep clean after each use. They are often soiled from the environment and from the types of trauma patients have received.


Therefore, if you are in charge of purchasing an emergency patient trauma trolley, you should consider all of these things. Also, note that there are trolleys that have one section while others have four depending on the model and make. The more sections the trolley has, the more comfort is provided for the patient.


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